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We take time to explain

We Take Time To Explain because we care!

We understand – your car means a lot to you. From transporting you from place to place to making sure your family is safe in your travels, making sure your car is in good working order is a top priority. Whether you suspect an issue or you know there's a problem, we can take care of you.

  • Fluid flushes including transmission, coolant, brake, and power steering

  • Wheel Alignments

  • Brakes

  • Complete suspension services

  • Engine diagnosis and repair

  • Electrical problems

  • Starters and alternators

  • Air conditioning and heater problems

  • Water pumps

  • Radiators

  • Timing belts

Make the right choices for your car with help from Mr. Tire!

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When your car is your priority, it's our priority, too. Our experienced technicians will always be by your side, walking you through the process and guiding you through your services.

Our repair services include:

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                                 Once again Bob and his team fixed my car when the dealer had told me it was not repairable. My heated rear window connection had snapped off the rear window. The dealer could not fix it, Bob's team at the St Paul Mr. Tire reconnected it for me!!

— G. C.