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Maximize your options today!

Do you have the right wheels?

Most people know that tires need to be replaced and their car needs regular maintenance but most people ignore their wheels. Worn or damaged wheels can make driving dangerous, making it essential that you ensure your wheels are in good shape.

Find your perfect fit

Many people choose standard wheels but others prefer fancy rims to boost appearance and performance. Whether you're on the hunt for the basics or have your eye on custom or high-end rims, Mr. Tire is the place to be. Our team is made up of local, experienced experts that are enthusiasts about making a car look and perform its best. We're experts in wheel style and wheel configuration to make sure you find the right fit.

Get started today

No matter what you have in mind, Mr. Tire can do it all. We'll show you the right tires, repair your car, and help you get back on the road for an affordable rate.

Whether you want to roll with big rims or simply replace your wheels, we can do it all.

When you choose Mr. Tire, you choose the right assistance for you. Check out our alloy rims, or talk to one of our experts about the right size and weight for your vehicle.

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